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Skinny Dipping World Record taken!

The World Skinny Dipping Record has been broken. 2505 women stripped naked on a beach in the Republic of Ireland and ran into the sea to take the record by a convincing margin on Saturday.

I’m guessing that holding a women-only event made it less embarrassing for those taking part.

The previous record was held by South Beach in Perth, Australia with just “shy” of 800 participants back in 2015.

This is the sixth year that the annual “Strip and Dip” annual charity nude swim has happened, raising money for Breast Cancer.

Let’s make 2018 a year of nudity!

The Western world seems to be getting more at ease with nudity. With the proliferation of naked protest events including the World Naked Bike Ride and Tiger Streaks at several UK zoos, game shows on television such as Naked Attraction on Channel 4 featuring prolonged full-frontal nudity, could this be the start of an era when nudity is much more widespread and accepted? We can only hope!

Naked Experiment

NakedExperiment.com is working harder than ever to get our experiments off the ground and hope to have at least three experiments take place during 2018. With a little luck, the first mixed-gender experiment will be taking place in the next few weeks. With participants picked and a venue in progress, we’re almost there.

If you want to find out more about our experiments, click here. There’s still time to get involved if you are interested.

Here’s hoping we have a year with more nudity both on television and real life and that our experiments in nudity take off and become the success we all hope they will. Over time it should be possible to locate more suitable venues in other parts of the country and hold experiment sessions in a range of locations. If you want to try out being the only one naked in front of a small group of other people, our experiments are the safest way to do it.

Organised Strip Games Launched

It’s fun to watch videos of strip games being played or to view photos of such activities, but that doesn’t come close to the thrill of playing a strip game in real life. Just imagine watching your opponent removing their clothes right in front of you or having to remove your own in front of them!

I’ve found from experience, that most people who want to play strip games don’t because they don’t want their friends or workmates to find out. It’s also difficult to organise games with strangers and there’s an element of risk there which puts most people off trying.

NakedExperiment is trialling a new feature – organised strip games in the UK. By hiring a safe venue (near Cardiff), ensuring a sensible set of rules are maintained and that players are vetted prior to any game taking place, we are organising a safe and confidential way to enjoy the thrills and fun of playing a proper strip game without the risk of your employer, friends or family finding out.

You’ve always wanted to give it a go but never had the opportunity? Now’s your chance!

Find out more here.

World Naked Bike Ride 2017

Here’s a great opportunity to try out being naked in front of other people:

This year my local one (Cardiff, UK) is taking place on Saturday June the 17th. If you’re going to be attending, please let me know. Maybe members of our community could meet up at the start. The event routinely has well over a hundred naked people take part and it would be great to do some coverage for an article or three on NE and get some feedback from people who take part, especially those doing it for the first time.

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