Survey: Which Girl is your Favourite?

5 beautiful girls

Which Girl is your Favourite?
Of the five lovely girls shown, which of them is your Favourite? Just in case you can't quite pin it down to a single girl, you can vote for up to two of them.

46 thoughts on “Survey: Which Girl is your Favourite?”

  1. I’m very indecisive so I will have to try each one several times to ensure I make the correct choice and apart from that you never buy a car with out looking under the bonnet and having a good look at the trim.

  2. Looks like Pasha is winning, with Nerissa a fairly close second. When I posted them in Facebook, Ronda won outright.

  3. Rhonda definitely deserves to win as she has got the best combination of skin color and body type and her smile is a cherry on Cake. Would love to date her some day. Its my bad Luck that I am 10,000 Miles away in India

  4. I’m usually more attracted to brunettes, and those are the first ones that caught my eye, but Ronda is definitely the best looking girl.

  5. Pasha is just my type. Small sexy perky beautiful very cute as a button type. Petite bottom. Nice breast. Like long hair but that can grow. And her legs are perfect. And she has the best smile. And very pretty eyes.

  6. Ed you know I always loved Pasha!

    Just glad I didn’t have to choose between her and Natalie H – impossible task!

  7. I think a lot of people here would love that.

    Have you got a suitable full body shot (vaguely similar to the ones above)?

  8. AS someone that likes a petit woman best I voted for Viola, but it was a close call, as the other girls look very beautiful too..

    BTW, Louise if you were up there I would also give you a vote 🙂

  9. Like most of the others, I was disappointed that Louise want on the list. 🙁

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