Survey: Which Girl is your Favourite?

Beautiful women to vote on

Which Girl is your Favourite?
Of the five lovely girls shown, which of them is your Favourite? Just in case you can't quite pin it down to a single girl, you can vote for up to two of them.

27 thoughts on “Survey: Which Girl is your Favourite?”

  1. Caley gets my vote. She has a mix of ‘innocent & uncertain’ look in her face. I reckon she is a very ‘lively’ character though!

  2. Women fully dressed huh? SO what happened to the naked experiment? As I nudist who lives that way a lot I don’t get what all the fuss is about anyway!

  3. I don’t think I ever said that everyone on the entire community had to be naked. If that was the case this would be a nudist community, which it clearly is not. NakedExperiment is for people interested in nudity, interested in experimenting with nudity and being naked. I would expect a full-time nudist would find little of interest here, although it would be good for them to get involved in some of the discussions to share their opinion from one of the extreme ends of the spectrum.

  4. I think all 5 are beautiful ladies but I think the one that I would most like to cuddle up with is Giselle! Smokin!

  5. Why is this even here all the women on this site are beautiful in their own way. I love all types. You are all sexy.

    I must admit I love being naked and being seen naked by a female. All they have to say is ” Hi” or “Nice how are you”

  6. That’s why I didn’t ask which is the most beautiful. They are all beautiful, but most people have a favourite.

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