Survey: How do you describe yourself?

Exposed in front of her friendsThis is just a very quick poll to get some idea of how the members of this community divide between those who like to show and those who like to see.


How do you describe yourself
Are you an exhibitionist or voyeur?

23 thoughts on “Survey: How do you describe yourself?”

  1. I am more an exhibitionist than a voyeur but enjoy watching as well .If I had to choose I would definitely go for being seen or watched .I love being seen naked and being the only one naked in a crowd.

  2. I’m not surprised to see that more people are voyeurs than exhibitionists, but the overlap is much larger than I expected.

  3. At a very rough guess, unhampered by any actual information, I would suggest that the exhibitionists are the female members and that the rest are the male members (no pun intended).

    This would suggest that about half of the men here want to be seen as well as to see.

    That makes sense to me. (I voted “both,” myself.)

  4. I have been an exhibitionist since I was 5 and I am 33 now. It started when I noticed how excited I got when I stood naked on my aunts back porch in clear sight of all the neighbors.

  5. oddly, as a naturist i’m not in it for showing or seeing. i’m very comfortable about myself and being naked around others and view others as seeing me as if i were dressed. and if i’m among others who are nude as well, i won’t be fixated on them.

  6. I like both, I’ll try most anything once. Watching is a blast also. But finding someone willing to do it with is easier said then done.

  7. I’m a bit both. Though I’m more of just a person who prefers to be naked, I do enjoy when others see me naked, as opposed to just sitting at home or by myself naked all the time. I also love to people watch, and seeing others naked is exciting as well.

  8. I enjoy being naked. But trying to be discreet about it. My better half will never agree that I even on this site. But I am willing to explore. I am not getting any younger. All new adventure for me.

  9. I just love being naked..I love the freedom I feel from it and the boldness as to which you can display yourself. I am an exbitionist , I love people to look at my naked body, and a lot give me complments,,I don’t ask for but do appreciate. I also love to look at naked people (men and women) to see how different we all really are. It’s amazing when you study it , the old saying “they all look the same” is so untrue. And I love it. my favorite is to be outdoors and feel the warm or coolnair crossing over parts that never see the light of day on most people. What a shame they will never know that great sensation.

  10. I love to be seen naked, and to see others naked, both male and female and having my husband seen naked as well. I also love wearing see-through clothing, especially where people aren’t expecting to see it. We are also active swingers, and love an audience in that aspect as well…no audience to large….

  11. Had to go back to see what I’d clicked. I think “Neither” or “Both” have some validity.

    Once went to DSM-?? and wrote a long-ish essay for myself on the subject. Since either being seen naked or seeing others naked doesn’t rise to the levels of a DSM-type compulsion, and since I’ve also said / written that the idea isn’t about seeing nudity or being seen nude but BEING nude, that would seem to support “neither.”

    On the other hand, I enjoy being nude, have been in nude protests, hot springs, nudist resorts, would like to do “Bare to Breakers” and WNBR and I enjoy seeing nude people, I can’t dispute “both” except at a technical level.

  12. I put both as I like seeing nude women and don’t mind seeing nude men. I also find it exciting to be seen nude although there have been few occasions.
    I have put myself forward to take part in an experiment to see how a real life episode would feel now.

  13. I am much more an exhibitionist but also love to watch. I walk, hike, bike, swim, and drive naked. I have driven naked through town, through drive-thrus, on long trips, and when I was driving big truck across country (dressing only through the scales).
    I’ve been naked in an occupied laundromat, driven naked many times, hiked naked, and was in a CFNM party at a local tavern with about 30 of my friends.
    I have gone to the drive thru nude several times this week. I regularly go there, so the girl knows me and she complemented me on my daring exploit. It is a lot of fun.
    One of my favorite places is sitting on a rock outcropping in the Santa Cruz mountains. I’m sure I’ve been seen by other hikers but very few have approached me.
    I have been seen by many, I’m sure. I run naked in the Bay (Bare) to Breakers in SF.

  14. I found it a thrill to be seen naked. By a female other than my wife. I’d love to do more CFNM stuff but have not had a chance to do it for atleast 2yrs ( only with my wife and she doesn’t like it). Need to find a female who might like it.

    So that makes me an exhibitionist.

  15. I wrote that I exhibitionist. But, it seems to me, this is not quite true. Yes, I like to be naked, especially in the fresh air. But I do not aspire to be seen. I think that this means that I do not exhibitionist. Of course, if I happen to be seen, it makes me a little excited. I also noticed that with the return this desire is dulled, or simply becomes more ordinary. I must say that in my youth, the feeling of exhibitionism was incredibly large. Probably I’m latent exhibitionist.

  16. Honestly? I am frustrated by the lack of opportunities to expose myself in the presence of women who aren’t prudes. My fantasies rage on as the window of opportunity slips away. So the best I can do is post nude pics on the internet. If you want to see just google “Steve krause nude” or check out Steve krause on Tumblr. Any ladies want to connect on face time or Skype?

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