Organised Strip Games Launched

It’s fun to watch videos of strip games being played or to view photos of such activities, but that doesn’t come close to the thrill of playing a strip game in real life. Just imagine watching your opponent removing their clothes right in front of you or having to remove your own in front of them!

I’ve found from experience, that most people who want to play strip games don’t because they don’t want their friends or workmates to find out. It’s also difficult to organise games with strangers and there’s an element of risk there which puts most people off trying.

NakedExperiment is trialling a new feature – organised strip games in the UK. By hiring a safe venue (near Cardiff), ensuring a sensible set of rules are maintained and that players are vetted prior to any game taking place, we are organising a safe and confidential way to enjoy the thrills and fun of playing a proper strip game without the risk of your employer, friends or family finding out.

You’ve always wanted to give it a go but never had the opportunity? Now’s your chance!

Find out more here.

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