Naudia’s Public Bar Strip

Naudia was told to remove all her clothes in front of the customers at a public bar. The customers and staff were asked to act as though nothing unusual was happening.

I have to say, I think Naudia has a strong exhibitionist streak. She really enjoyed getting naked with an audience.

Maybe this one should be titled “Bare in the Bar”?!

NOTE: The full version of this strip, where Naudia gets completely naked,  is now available (at 2048 pixel quality) in “The Inspiration” Exhibit.

This photoset is supplied courtesy of A Measure of Curiosity.

11 thoughts on “Naudia’s Public Bar Strip”

  1. Anybody should be able to get naked when they want to. It isn’t all about sex, it’s just so natural to be naked & it should be allowed anywhere!

  2. Could not agree with you more Patrick. If the law and society would allow, I’d be nude as much as possible. I’m nude at home all the time. I just don’t see the point of clothes.

  3. You can see how much she’s loving it. I’m jealous. It would be fantastic to be in a situation like that, where it’s allowed, and you only have to think about the embarrassment/excitement of the situation, not worry about police!

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