11 thoughts on “Naked in the streets of Blackpool”

  1. I do agree this girl is very brave, but I have to wonder what is she brave for, letting members of the public see her naked or the fact of what will happen if the police turn up? I have seen a few video clips of adults walking around towns naked as well as undressing in public places and most of the reactions from the public is humility from seeing someone daring to go naked. Most children and youngsters are not offended by nakedness as they have not learnt it is considered taboo.
    I wonder if people knew they would not be arrested for being naked in public how many more would venture out naked? Would you?

  2. Thankfully we live in a free country, so she was not at risk at being arrested (as she was fully aware!)

    The Police could ask her to get dressed IF a member of the public complained, but providing she complied with the request they couldn’t really arrest her.

    I think she’s brave because you can’t always predict how the public will react and she is in a very public location there. Most, the vast majority, are not offended by it and would never complain, but there’s always the risk that there will be few uptight or religious people around.

  3. There’s obviously a big time gap between these photos and google maps though.

    Note the footbridge in this pic and wind guides on google.
    I remember it how it is on google.

  4. Some places get updated VERY infrequently. Google’s photo of my house is from about 7 years ago.

  5. I also consider her brave not because of the legality of the act but because she’s completely exposed to the public…just about everyone has a smartphone and it does look like there are people snapping photos of her. To have not just strangers see you naked, but capture it for them to do with as they please…you have to be really comfortable with your body and willing to accept that those pictures are going to be shared and possibly spread everywhere!

  6. I’ve heard that Ireland is almost as repressive as the US when it comes to nudity, but I’ve never looked up the legal situation there.

  7. I’d definitely class that as bravery. I envy her, but there’s no way I’d have the nerve to do it. Especially as I don’t live too far from Blackpool!

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