In Support of Belgium

It’s been a terrible time for Belgium, so as mark of respect and solidarity, I have tinted this community’s logo to the black, yellow and red of the Belgium flag.

I fear this sort of thing is never going to stop while violence is driven by medieval beliefs.

3 thoughts on “In Support of Belgium”

  1. …however knowing how much the EU likes taxing the UK (and other EU Countries) to subsidise itself and doing nothing to actually arrest these terrorists; many of whose members are raping the women of Europe and getting away with it, and removing them from Europe. I suggest we write to the EU and suggest they impose a “Clothing Tax” upon Europeans….that way we will no longer be able to afford clothing and concealed bombs and vests etc will be in plain sight. Simple. 🙂

  2. I have got to agree it would make suicide bombers unable to hide bombs under their clothes or conceal fire arms

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