This page provides help on a few common problems. Please read the appropriate section below before e-mailing us as you may be able to solve your issue much faster than waiting for me to get back to you.  I try to reply to all e-mails within 12 hours but that’s not always possible. This site operates on UK time.

Free Accounts

If you have not registered for a free account you will find that you cannot take part in the forums or polls, and you will not be able to see many of the groups. Most of the photo/video content is in the groups, so without a free account you are missing out.

If you don’t already have a free account, REGISTER here.

Passwords not working

Passwords are case-sensitive. Most customer service e-mails we receive about passwords not working are due to passwords being mistyped.

If you are sure you are entering the correct password and using the right username, please e-mail  SUPPORT@NAKEDEXPERIMENT.COM.


Confirmation E-mail not received

The site sets out confirmation e-mails immediately, so you should receive yours within 2-3 minutes. This can vary according to distance, Internet traffic and how fast your ISP relays e-mail. If you haven’t received it within about 30 minutes, then either your ISP or your spam filter has removed it. You will need to either check your spam filter or contact your ISP (or whoever provides your e-mail service).


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