Emma Strips Unexpectedly

Emma and two of her friends are chatting over coffee when she is given the order to strip. Her friends are not expecting her to suddenly start removing her clothes. They try to politely ignore her strange actions but it’s hard not to stare when such a busty girl strips completely and fully exposes herself!

This was shot back in 2009 before I had created this website. It was one of the key pieces that inspired the idea of NakedExperiment. How people react to suddenly having to strip is fascinating but it can be just as interesting to see how their audience responds too.

NOTE: The original VIDEO version of this strip is now available in “The Inspiration” Exhibit.

This photoset is supplied courtesy of A Measure of Curiosity.

13 thoughts on “Emma Strips Unexpectedly”

  1. This would be cool to experience and not know it was going to happen. …especially with a woman as beautiful as Emma.

  2. Just curious as to who ordered (and why) Emma to strip and if women would would be more inclined to strip in public for Males or Females or Both.

  3. There was no particular reason for the order, it was just to see how the others would react. The photographer gave the order.

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