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Happy New Year!

Many of us didn’t have the best year in 2016, so here’s hoping that 2017 is a MUCH better year.

Our naked community here will be seeing some drastic changes and improvements during the year, but I haven’t yet decided what those will be. If you’d like to get involved in the discussions about the changes, please visit the News and Announcements group.

So, Happy New Year!

In Support of Belgium

It’s been a terrible time for Belgium, so as mark of respect and solidarity, I have tinted this community’s logo to the black, yellow and red of the Belgium flag.

I fear this sort of thing is never going to stop while violence is driven by medieval beliefs.

New Naked Experiment community site open for testing

Emma strips unexpectedlyThe massive improvement to the NakedExperiment website is now ready to be seen by our visitors. Not everything  is ready or working, but there is enough here to get a good taste of the way things will be for the future.

If you love being seen naked or seeing others get naked, now you can meet others with compatible interests to share photos, discuss your interests and chat live. Now the limits are just your imagination and bravery!

We have groups covering a growing range of related topics, an excellent members’ forum, photo galleries, private messaging and more.

Please feel free to sign up for a free membership and try it out!


Like being naked in front of other people? Like seeing other people naked? Fancy a new challenge or just want to see how people react to getting naked with an audience? This is strictly NOT a porn site.

If you like to experiment with nudity or want to see others experimenting, you’re going to love the NakedExperiment free adult community. Register for free, take part in the forum, get involved in our growing range of interest groups, view thousands of naked photos uploaded by members or upload your own, watch hundreds of naked videos, visit the photo galleries or vote in the latest polls. All of this and you can make lots of new friends too!

**Please ensure you are at least 18 years of age**
**before entering this community.**

Ladies, you may like to know that we have a ladies only group,  run by a female moderator. We try to keep the community friendly and welcoming to all, but if you have any concerns, this is a great place to ask questions or get support.

Last year, we published a set of videos which inspired the whole concept of, so if you’d like to help support this site please have a look – Visit the “The Inspiration”. It only costs $4.95 to buy the whole collection and really helps us pay for our hosting and operating costs.